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Sunday, May 02, 2010



Hi Lila, Your pictures are so lovely. I love the tomatoes and Alana's "bunny in the house". And the chair with the table looks so cozy and inviting! Happy Spring :)


Merci pour le passage sur mon blog...
Celui-ci a l'air ravissant...


Ahhh! Spring! I love the tomatoes - and the bunny house...

...wishing it were warm enough to have lunch on the porch...


Et bien...il est génial ce blog avec le site et tout ça... Belle mise en page et très belles photos! Alors ces vacances à Nice? Maintenant que les filles ont dû reprendre l'école tu vas pouvoir imprimer/imprimer/imprimer...on veut des Photos!!!
à très vite Lila,


Hi Jacqueline!
Sorry to hear you had a broken link..
But sure happy to see you back!
I will come and visit you soon with "Blog Airline"...

PS : thank you for your nice comment on new banner! Still working on it but in the meantime this one will do!!!

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